Winworld was founded in Zhenjiang in 1997, focused on producing and assembling many kinds of precision parts in Automotive field.

     Currently, Winworld has 2 factories, total 45000 square meters and also has 360 employees, two factories have below advantages:

?Advanced production equipment,
?Specialized technology,
?Top-class talent and complete quality guarantee system.

     At the same time, Winworld have strong research and development capabilities and successfully achieved automation of production workshop, Now, we have 6 assembly lines and 60 sets of injection machines, Main products are:

?Closures system
?Motor system
?Door plate system
?Seat system
?Roof windows system







地址 中国 江苏 镇江新区丁卯街道兴泽路33号
电话 +86 511 8889 8977
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